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Englishpod 是非常好的练习听力的材料,相信很多英语爱好者早已有所了解.

Englishpod 目前共有365期内容,可以说是比较大部头的学习资料了。幸好它贴心的区分了四个等级,即 Elementary 初级、Intermediate 中级、Upper Intermediate 中高级和 Advance 高级

BOOO3- 词汇

A: Good afternoon. What can I do for you?

B: I’d like to check in please. I have a reservation under the name Anthony Roberts.

A: All right R.O.B.E.R.T.S… Oh, Mr. Roberts we’ve been expecting you& and here is your keycard to the presidential suite.

B: But there must be some mistake; my reservation was for a standard room.

A: Are you sure? Let me double check .

B: Yeah&Here, this is my confirmation number.

A: You’re right Mr. Roberts, there seems to be a mixup, unfortunately we’re overbooked at the moment .

B: So…

A: Not to worry. We’re pleased to offer you a complimentary upgrade.

B: Presidential suite baby!

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