Image analysis techniques on evaluation of particle size distribution of gravel

G.H.A. Janaka J. Kumara, Kimitoshi Hayano and Keita Ogiwara

Abstract :

Particle size distribution of granular materials is usually evaluated by sieve analysis test. In this research, an image analysis technique using ImageJ is proposed to evaluate particle size distribution of gravels. On particular conditions, some differences of gradation curves determined by sieve analysis and image analysis were observed. Based on the results, several aspects related to image analyzing are discussed in the paper. They include appropriate evaluation of particle grain size in image analysis, minimization of shadow effects appeared in images, effects of number of particles adopted for sieve analysis and image analysis and so on. It was found that grain size in image analysis should be defined appropriately to compare the gradation curves by the two methods. Probably, due to light effects, it was also observed that black color sheets are better than white color sheets to place particles. This method can be used as an in-situ test method since this method needs only a camera and a computer.


Coarse material, ImageJ, Image analysis, Particle size distribution, Sieve analysis

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