Development of a rapid measurement system for coarse aggregate morphological parameters


  • A new algorithm (the fitted-ellipse method) evaluates the angularity of aggregates.
  • Using a linear profile scanner improves the measurement accuracy of the angularity.
  • It is possible to measure the morphological parameters accurately and quickly.
  • A linear profile scanner combined with a CCD camera is suited to batch inspections.

Abstract:Morphological parameters of coarse aggregates, including the angularity index (AI), flat and elongated ratio, flatness ratio, and sphericity, strongly affect the performance of asphalt concrete. A device must be developed to efficiently and accurately measure these parameters. Herein, a charge-coupled device camera and a linear profile scanner are combined to evaluate the parameters. The AI is calculated using three methods. The results show that the fitted-ellipse method provides superior results among the three AI measurement methods. Moreover, the use of a linear profile scanner improves the AI measurement accuracy. Therefore, the proposed combination has high measurement efficiency and is suitable for batch inspections.

Keywords:Charge-coupled device cameraLinear profile scannerAngularityFlatness ratioSphericity

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