A review on transport of coal seam gas and its impact on coalbed methane recovery


A review on transport of coal seam gas and its impact on coalbed methane recovery

Wang, Geoff G. X.; Zhang, Xiaodong; Wei, Xiaorong; Fu, Xuehai; Jiang, Bo; Qin, Yong

Abstract: This paper presents a summary review on mass transport of coal seam gas (CSG) in coal associated with the coalbed methane (CBM) and CO2 geo-sequestration enhanced CBM (CO2-ECBM) recovery and current research advances in order to provide general knowledge and fundamental understanding of the CBM/ECBM processes for improved CBM recovery. It will discuss the major aspects of theory and technology for evaluation and development of CBM resources, including the gas storage and flow mechanism in CBM reservoirs in terms of their differences with conventional natural gas reservoirs, and their impact on CBM production behavior. The paper summarizes the evaluation procedure and methodologies used for CBM exploration and exploitation with some recommendations.

Keywords: mass transport, coal seam gas (CSG), coalbed methane (CBM), coal, CBM recovery, carbon dioxide storage

Front. Chem. Sci. Eng. 2011, 5(2): 139–161

DOI 10.1007/s11705-010-0527-4


  • Distinguishing features between CBM and conversional natural gas
    • The threshold production pressure
  • Three types of models have been proposed to describe gas diffusion in the coal matrix:
    • no diffusion (instantequilibrium)
    • one-step diffusion
    • two-step diffusion
  • 这篇文章在扩散的总结上做的不错,有很不错的文献综述和总结。
  • 整体而言,这篇文章可以作为了解煤中瓦斯运移的较为入门的文章(前提是已将《煤层瓦斯流动理论简明教程》通读和理解)



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